Dahian Pezeshki Pishro

Dahian Pezeshki Pishro is a professional manufacturer of medical devices in the field of Electrocardiographs.
Dahian was founded in 2008 with the goal of offering high quality, economical and trustable products for patient care and continues improving. Years of expertise researching, developing and manufacturing electrocardiograph provides the ideal background for satisfying market needs. Dahian’s dedication to technological leadership, precision manufacturing and uncompromised customer support ensures quality products and service our customers can expect. Our products meet the requirements of MDD/93/42/EEC and CE.

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The company currently has designed and produced the following products:
•    YASHAM 635 (6 Channels Electrocardiograph)
•    YASHAM 310 (3 Channels Electrocardiograph)
•    YASHAM 110 (Single Channel Electrocardiograph)
•    ECG Viewer (software PC based ECG viewer)



Dahian Pezeshki Pishro company now has the highest percentage of Electrocardiograph market share in Iran and Plans to increase its exports in other countries.


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    N607, Negin Tower, Africa Blv. Tehran 1969734664 Iran

    +98 21 88880507-88772012-88772044

    +9 21 88880679





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